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Get Your Business Online Overview

A website address is really just a collection of numbers (IP address) that can be identified by computers. They usually come in three parts: the top level domain (.uk or .com – these can identify the locality of the website), the second level domain (.co, .org and others – these typically show whether it’s a business or other type of site) and the host record (your site’s name e.g. Knowthenet).

Paying for a domain name means that people will remember your IP address and can find it easily online. Find out more in our guide to domain names

Domain names and why your business needs one

  1. It protects your site and your brand. Once you’ve registered a domain name, no-one can take if off you without your permission or legal action.
  2. It gives your business more credibility. A non-domain name (eg doesn’t inspire confidence, but a domain bearing your company name gives the impression that your business is established and legitimate. 
  3. It promotes your website. A professional-sounding email address that includes your domain name e.g. looks more official than @hotmail or @gmail, and raises the profile of your brand.
  4. It gives you more ways to reach your visitors. You can also register different email addresses for different functions e.g., etc.
  5. You’ll drive more traffic to your website. Search engines are more likely to find your site if you’ve registered your own domain name, especially if it includes search keywords. 
  6. Your visitors can have more ways to find you. Registering similar domain names and popular misspellings can help you protect your brand. 
  7. It stands out. People will be more likely to find your site if you have a memorable domain name. 
  8. It’s cheap. For a few pounds a year you can register a domain name, and even try a few alternatives to see which works best for you.
  9. Be more relevant for your customers. Four out of five UK users prefer to visit a .uk domain name.
  10. You can take it with you. Registering a domain name means you don’t have to rely on your ISP – if it goes down, you can simply transfer your domain name to another internet service provider.




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